Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is This The Kind Of Boyfriend You Want If You Have A Dog?

"A brutal coward threw his girlfriend's six-month-old dachshund's out of their sixth story window -- to its death -- after an argument in their West 129th Street apartment, officials said today. "I don't care about the dog," Keith Rogers, a 27-year-old violent felon, told cops according to a criminal complaint charging him with aggravated cruelty to animals. "It's $1,300. I'll buy a new one," he allegedly told cops. "I don't give a f--- about the dog."'

Again and again, we read about boyfriends killing their girlfriend's dog or kid. I'm shocked at how stupid women are when picking a boyfriend. Everyone knows you should look for a responsible, decent, nice guy... but nice guys finish last for a lot of women. And I get tired of hearing about women complaining about their nasty boyfriends when they knew he was a jerk all along.

Being a nice, single guy, I have watched this phenomenon again and again over the years. I've practically given up on finding someone decent, with good judgment. Pretty women are a dime a dozen, but who can find a virtuous woman? I just don't know these days. It's starting to seem better to just remain single. And many of my guy friends are saying the same thing. We're tired of all the BS.

If this guy is convicted, then I hope he gets at least 10 years in prison. And I hope this woman gets some counseling to figure out why she was attracted to such a loser.

Poor dog. It deserved better. A lot better.

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