Monday, April 29, 2013

Veterinarian Malpractice?

"Their lawyer, Andrew Siben, said Herndon prescribed the anti-inflammatory drug Rimadyl, which carries a warning of potentially deadly side effects. The couple alleged they were never told of the risk."

If you take your dog to the vet, and the dog dies,
1. Is that a case of malpractice;
2.) should you sue; and
3.) How much should the damages be?

I'm not someone who trusts the court system, nor do I think it wise to go to court. Courts aren't where right and wrong are determined, they are just a place to settle disputes, to end a fight. Not always do the good guys win and bad guys lose.

Further, dog law is still in its infancy. What might seem logical for a human isn't so logical when it comes to a dog.

In this case, I have no idea who is right or wrong because I haven't heard the evidence and I'm no lawyer. I'm guessing this vet will be found not guilty in this case. I'm not sure that a vet can be sued for all the potential side effects of every drug they prescribe. I just don't know. I do know of dogs that have died at the vet office, and what I heard made me believe the vet was at fault. But, what do you do? The financial awards in these cases, if you do win, will never cover the cost of the trial. So, it becomes about either revenge, justice, or both, because now, not only is your dog dead, you're going to be out tens of thousands of dollars.

Maybe your best defense is social media, because that can do more damage than your lawsuit ever will. You'll never get your dog back, either way.

Is that fair? No. But who said life was fair?

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