Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Benefits Of Dog Training

One of my past students has a 2 year old male Goldendoodle. A couple of months ago, he blew out his rear knee, tearing the ligaments, while playing. So, today he went in for surgery. Feedback from the veterinarian and the techs was that he was so easy to handle and manage. Because he had completed both Basic and Intermediate Obedience, he operates on, what I call, "power steering". A dog with that much training is so cooperative, easy to manage, listens to what you ask, and copes well with stresses. Even as the owners were driving him home, as he investigated the stitches near the wound, all they had to do is tell him to leave it alone, and he did.

Obedience training has more benefits than just having a dog come when called if it runs out the front door. It plays out in a million little ways to make life easier for the dog and the owners. Most people never train their dog sufficiently, so they have ongoing hassles the life of the dog... or they just abandon the dog to a back yard, or drop them off at a shelter to be killed.

Obedience training is both humane and necessary to have a great experience owning a dog.

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