Friday, May 26, 2006


Owners of Chicago's estimated 600,000 dogs would be required to microchip their pets, limit tethering, pay stiff fines for letting them roam free and choose between neutering and sharply higher license fees, under a sweeping crackdown proposed by an influential alderman.

Grooming, boarding and doggie day-care facilities would be licensed and subject to strict operating standards under the legislative package championed by License Committee Chairman Eugene Schulter (47th).

This is extremist legislation. Whoever would propose or support this kind of thing is a wacko. It is very alarming, and it won’t solve any problem we have with dogs. This is Dog Hating at its worst. If you love dogs, regardless of where you live, you’d better fight back on this one. Do you want this kind of thing in YOUR town? They are trying to do the same thing in New Zealand, and the ranchers are fighting back. Will you fight back? There are a number of good dog links posted here of non-profit groups that are pro-dog. Contact every one of them and ask them how you can help stop this in its tracks. Tell 'em Sam The Dog Trainer sent you.

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Steve said...

It's not dog hating, it's dog owner hating. This guy Schulter doesn't seem to trust any dog owner, and therefore, wants to make it more difficult for people to own them.

But the fact of the matter is that the City of Chicago doesn't have the money to enforce any of these proposed laws.

Come on! No more than 3 hours of tethering a dog?? How is Code Enforcement supposed to monitor that? Send officers to every home and peek over the fence, and then come back in three hours?

Obviously, Schulter doesn't intend to enforce any of these new laws. Instead, he's hoping that at least 50% of his constituents will comply like sheep without questioning it.

The State of Illinois already has laws on the books against dangerous dogs, unlicensed pet service providers, and irresponsible dog ownership. The reason why Chicago still has a problem is because they don't spend any money enforcing these laws.

So what does Schulter propose? Creating more of the same laws, hoping to get more press attention, and hoping that mindless people comply. Then he can proclaim success and give thanks to his creative genius.