Sunday, May 28, 2006

More Dog Politics

A couple of days ago, I published a post called “Dog Politics Update”, which was a re-print of an internet posting from a dog related group. As I mentioned in my posting, I hadn’t yet had a chance to investigate all that was being said, so I invited reader comments to let me know what they knew of the situation.

I received a comment which indicated that the information in the post might be unfair, and therefore I deleted my past post today.

I am here to provide opinions on the dog world, and my opinion on this affair is that it is harmful to the entire dog community for us to be squabbling with one another when there are bigger fish to fry, namely, the Dog Haters of this world.

I won’t take sides in this dispute. I offer both sides the opportunity to state their cases here again, and I’ll publish them both, then let the readers decide. But, I want the posts to be published in one entire article. So, it is up to the parties involved in this dispute to clear up the facts and resolve this. You can write to me, I’ll send what each says to the other so you can make points and counterpoints, and then I’ll publish it all for everyone to see. But, there had better be verifiable dates, facts, names, etc. in these posts, from both sides, that can be checked out by my readers. This is a sophisticated dog audience, so they will be in on the gossip and the facts of the situation. Your arguments will either hold up under scrutiny or not.

This kind of situation is exactly why I started this blog… to air out the dog issues of the day and let the general public develop informed opinions. This is just like Hannity and Colmes, or Crossfire, or any other debate type of format. I'm just the moderator of the debate among the parties, which is why I publish this kind of stuff. Now, let the debate begin and let's see what the readers think.

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