Friday, May 05, 2006

Cesar Milan Accused & Sued For Animal Cruelty

A television producer sued dog trainer Cesar Millan, star of TV's "Dog Whisperer," claiming his Labrador retriever was injured at Millan's training facility after being choked with a collar and forced to run on a treadmill… Flody Suarez said he took 5-year-old Gator to the Dog Psychology Center on Feb. 27 to deal with fears of other dogs and strangers. Hours after dropping off the dog, Suarez said, a worker called to tell him the animal had been rushed to a veterinarian. Suarez later found the dog "bleeding from his mouth and nose, in an oxygen tent gasping for breath and with severe bruising to his back inner thighs," according to the lawsuit. Workers at the facility were accused in the suit of placing a choke collar on the dog, pulling him onto a treadmill and forcing him to overwork. Suarez said he has spent at least $25,000 on medical bills, and the dog must undergo more surgeries for damage to his esophagus.

This is a serious charge. I hope it isn’t true. I never believe the first charges against anyone, especially a celebrity. Cesar Milan deserves the right to tell his side of this story.


Charly said...

Oh I seeeee, so because he is of celebrity status and people worship the ground he walks on, he couldn't possibly have done that? So the vet's evidence and the owners must be complete crap? I highly doubt it, you have to have a strong case to sue a celebrity - just looked at Jacko. I doubt a dog owner who clearly cared for the dog to seek treatment in the first place is going to cause damage to the animal in order to get a few extra thousand.

He may be you hero, but get real.

Kleighrayne said...

What had the owner done to his dog for 5 years to have caused his behavior to be such a problem that he needed to ask Cesar Millan for help ? Good grief! Had the owner been walking his own dog regularly , there is a good chance that there would have not been a problem. Accidents, however unfortunate, are always regrettable. I pray the dog will have a full recovery.

cweenbeefordef said...

There is no excuse for what took place at all. Obviously Cesar better rethink the people that he has hired and clean house. Between this and his wife filing for devorce things are starting to get away on Cesar. Cesar I think it's time to step back and rethink a few things before you have lost all control. I practice your guidance with my own dog but you seem to be losing control of your empire. Nothing last forever once trust is gone it's gone forever.

Grandma Art said...

Nothing last forever once trust is gone it's gone forever. That is so not true !!!!! It can be earned again !!! Lets give credit where credit is due and accidents and miss judgement is human !!!

Grandma Art said...

To error is human !!! This seems to be the United States norm.. Let`s sue !!!! Chit happens, get over it. As long as the medical bills are covered and the dog dosent suffer let it go.
from Canada