Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bad News Vs. Good News

Over the weekend, the youngster fell off a raft, into a chilly river.

Ryan said he was too cold to yell for help but that's when the dog, named Zion, showed up.

The dog waded out to Ryan, let him grab his collar then pulled the boy to shore.

Yep. Dogs really do this kind of thing. We hear so much about dogs biting kids, that we don’t realize how often dogs actually protect kids. Bad news makes headlines, but good news rarely does.

This is Bite Prevention Week. Note all the stories in the media about that. Bad stuff about dogs. More news about how dangerous it is to have a dog around a kid. Stories like that, when they aren’t balanced out with the good news, eventually lead to dogs being banned.

I have articles at my web page,
, detailing how to get a good dog; how to socialize the dog; how to train the dog; etc. You CAN have a good dog and it will be safe with your kids. But, that stuff isn’t emphasized in the news. We don’t get the exposure that the Dog Haters get. So, more and more laws are passed to restrict dog ownership.

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