Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Criminal Charges? That's Criminal!

Corky and Koo-Boosh are the convicted law breakers, but it's northeast Phoenix homeowner Renee Maurer who was criminally charged for her two vocal dogs. Maurer's predicament mirrors similar barking-dog conflicts across the Valley: Anxious or lonely dogs bark incessantly, causing tempers to flare and neighbors to use city noise ordinances.

This is another example of a silly, overkill dog law. Dog barking violations shouldn't be prosecuted criminally. Sorry. That's a miscarriage of justice and abuse of police powers. There are huge issues here, including Constitutional problems with this kind of thing. Someday, Phoenix will be the one sued... and they will lose... a LOT of money. In the meantime, control your barking dog and move out to the suburbs.

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