Thursday, July 16, 2009


The German breed has webbed feet. A Leonberg councilman gave the dogs to royalty in the 19th century to promote the town and his new breed. After World War I, 30 Leonbergers were tracked down and a breeding program was started with six males and six females.

If I was looking to get a giant breed of dog for a family situation, this is one of the first dogs I'd be looking at. This is the most amazing breed! Great with kids, natural guard but good with people, likes to swim, affectionate, etc. I was totally impressed with this breed the first time I saw them at a rare breed dog show about a decade ago. I don't praise breeds all that much, but this is one that made a very good impression. Obviously, you want to choose a good breeder, and at my web page,, I have suggestions on how to screen breeders. But, combine a good breeder with this breed, and you are going to be mighty happy!

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