Sunday, July 19, 2009

Man Or Dog?

THEY used to be man's best friend - but now it's single women whose lives have gone to the dogs. Australia's single women are turning their backs on men and opting for a much more loyal and reliable companion - a dog.

This is a sad commentary on the state of society, isn't it? I love dogs. Enjoy having them around. However, this mentality of treating dogs as people wrecks many dogs. There have been untold numbers of dogs given up to shelters or put down because they were spoiled (treated as humans) and had become behavioral messes.

Relationships with people require practicing the Golden Rule, and many people just don't have it in them to do that, and would be better off if they never got married in the first place. I have learned it takes consistent practice of good character to be in a healthy relationship: sacrifice, teamwork, love, commitment, forgiveness, integrity, drive, faithfulness, doing the right thing, helpfulness, respect, effort, having a higher purpose than yourself, putting the marriage first, selflessness yet being true to yourself, etc. Good relationship with your dog also requires a lot of love and effort, yet also an understanding that dogs are just animals and not furry little babies. Likewise, a good relationship with your dog requires a lot of personal commitment and good character, and many people don't have it in them to do that, and would be better off if they never got a dog at all.

A dog is no substitute for a spouse. A dog is no substitute for a child. And if you treat your spouse like a dog, then all you'll end up with is an empty home and your dog.

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