Sunday, September 27, 2009

Anti-Social Dogs?

Are there some dogs that are antisocial? Yes, there are. I heard of a breeding where one of the puppies would not bond to the master (who was also the breeder, not a novice; someone who knew the dog, knew the genetics, and knew the aggressive potential of the dog). The pup was indifferent to being in the home, being near the master, or relating much to anyone. This dog was bred to be a police dog, so it had the potential to be quite aggressive as an adult, and such a dog must bond to the master, and must be able to discern between friend and foe, master and stranger, threat and no threat. After the owner tried a number of times, over a period of months, to see if the dog would bond to the family, even by isolating the pup and then seeing if the puppy "cared", he got concerned. For example, at 4 months of age, the pup started growling when his pre-teen daughter approached. None of the other pups in the litter were this way, and this was not typical for the breed, and this was not the way the dam or sire had behaved. This dog was born this way, and things kept getting worse. In the end, the owner had the dog "put to sleep", in other words, killed the dog on purpose. I know it isn't politically correct, but some dogs are born dangerous. It is genetic. This is an example of a vicious dog. A vicious dog has a screw loose. This dog had the potential to kill a human, so culling this puppy was the right thing to do.

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