Sunday, September 13, 2009

Puggle Aggression?

If you are having aggression problems with your Puggle, I'll bet the causes are one or more of the following (based upon my experience with Puggles, Beagles and Pugs):

a.) Spoiling. Spoiling isn't the same thing as loving a dog, or taking extra good care of your dog. Spoiling is when you relate to your dog in such a way that you upset the desired leadership role you should be having with your dog, and your dog starts biting.
b.) Defensive / Fearful Biting. Have you been rough on your dog? If so, then your dog will bite you. How's the house training coming along? How is the destructive chewing coming along? How are the kids with your dog? If you've gotten rough on your dog regarding these matters, then it is no wonder that your dog is biting.
c.) Food Possession. Does your dog guard food or toys? Most likely with Puggles, it's going to be food.

What can you do about these behaviors? Hire a professional trainer to help you sort this stuff out. Stop trying to do it on your own. Stop trying to mimic Cesar Milan. Get professional help.

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