Friday, September 18, 2009

GRRRRR... Democrats Plan to tax DOGS!!!!

State Republicans are howling mad over yet another tax hike being slipped through the Legislature that would slap an annual $3 state surcharge on municipal licensing fees canine owners pay for their pet pooches.

Philosophically, being a left wing liberal is being against responsible dog ownership. In the left wing, you have nanny state types who want to control everything you do including what you do with your dog; animal rights advocates (Obama supports animal rights and so does his "czar" Cass Susstein) who oppose domestic animal breeding and ownership; those who are against self defense so they will write laws to ban guard dogs and protecting yourself with a dog; those who are environmental wackos who will ban dogs from natural areas and for hunting purposes; and those who are anti-capitalist so they will tax everything to death including those who own dogs. This article is more proof.

I keep repeating: read the Declaration of Independence. Look at the values there, and if you support them, how can you vote Democrat???!!!

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jan said...

You are so right. Our California legislators are total buffoons, but people keep electing the same liberals and then complaining. They are anti-dog and anti-freedom for people.