Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rescue giving second chances to huge dog breeds

“We have owner surrenders, people the cute puppy and 18 months later they are an un-socialized 150 pound St. Bernard or Great Dane that are jumping over their furniture. Animal shelters across the country are full of regular sized animals just waiting to find a home, when it comes to the super sized ones like Theo, 190 pounds of Great Dane, well that takes a little more creativity. So the folks at Big Dogs, Huge Paws are reaching out on the social networks like Facebook to find the big guys a home.

It is very important when getting a dog that you think ahead. Larger dogs don't get adopted as easily as smaller dogs. If your larger dog is a purebred dog, then it will be easier to place the dog since you can work with a purebred rescue organization. Large breeds cost more all around, and unless you are sure you are going to be financially stable for the next 10 years, then don't get one.

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