Thursday, June 13, 2013

Employers Offering Pet Health Insurance

"If your pet is injured its trip to the vet could end up costing you some serious money. But now some companies are offering pet insurance as an employee benefit. Home Depot, T-Mobile, and Chipotle are all offering this rare benefit to workers who would otherwise be faced with staggering veterinary bills."

Wow. Just wow!

These companies get it. A small cost to them, but a huge incentive to work at these companies.

With so many people owning dogs these days, it only makes sense that if you are looking to work someplace for long hours, and especially if your significant other... or no other... isn't around to watch the dogs... then you're going to feel obligated to protect your dogs.

These companies are clearly acting on internal data showing that quality employees are more likely to be people that will sacrifice for their dogs. Dog owners are a special group, and they show the typical characteristics of the kinds of people that any good employer would want on their team.

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