Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When Innocent Dogs Attack

"The witness who saw the attack and called 911 told officers the dog’s owner “would hold the dogs and wait for someone to go by and would release them” in order to attack people in the area of Freeman Drive and Nowhere Road"

If this story is accurate, then in my opinion, dogs that attack people in these circumstances are innocent, should be taken away from their owner, and given to a good home. (I've seen people do this with their dogs, to get their dogs to attack other dogs or cats, too).

Bad people can force innocent dogs to attack people. The dogs are doing what they "think" is the right thing to do, to protect their owner or handler. This is not an indication of a vicious dog, but of a vicious owner or handler.

In these cases, if convicted, I think the person who sent the dogs after innocent people should go to prison.

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