Saturday, June 01, 2013

What Should Be Done With Wolf Hybrids?

"A gentle, big dog at the Sacramento city animal shelter that experts say has a bit of wolf in him may be sent to a sanctuary in Southern California. "We had him evaluated by a wolf organization called Never Cry Wolf," said Gina Knepp, shelter manager. "He is on the low spectrum, less than 25 percent wolf. So he does have wolf in him, according to the experts. How much? We don't know without DNA testing."

This is a dog. It's not a wolf, and it isn't behaving like a wolf. It is silly and inhumane to take a wolf hybrid like this and send it off to a sanctuary. It's abuse. Give the dog to a good home and be done with it.

This is all the result of silly dog laws and eco/ enviro- nuts influencing such laws. What in the heck do you think a dog is? It is a domesticated wolf. Take a wolf, and put enough dog in it, and it is a dog.

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