Sunday, June 02, 2013

Hoarders And Animal Cruelty

"When officers got there, they found a home in deplorable conditions with trash piled two- to three-feet high in some areas. Inside, they also found several dead dogs"

This story looks to me like a case of a hoarder. Hoarding is a serious mental health issue that affects not only the hoarder, but everyone and every animal involved. The home becomes a health and fire hazard, and anyone or any animal that lives there is at risk of disease, injury or death.

I'm all for the Constitutional protections of private property, and that your home is your castle. I get that. But, there comes a point where what another person does on their property affects others. For example, you can't torture someone on your property. You can't build a nuclear bomb and detonate it on your property. And you can't criminally neglect animals on your property.

Hopefully the one surviving dog can find a new, healthy home. And this person, if found to be guilty, gets the appropriate mental health assistance, including a trustee, and some bright lines by the court as to future conduct.

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