Sunday, September 10, 2017

4-Year-Old Girl Attacked by Dog at Restaurant

"A woman sitting near the family asked if their two daughters would like to pet her dog. The owner walked off, leaving the dog with the girls.The dog then bit four-year-old Lacey Burke on the face. “My daughter was on her knees, petting the dog’s head like the owner had showed, and the dog went at her face”

My personal opinion is that your dog doesn't need to be petted by the kids of strangers. Yes, there is a place for socializing puppies, but after that, it is just a risk that isn't worth taking. Tell your kid to leave the dog alone, and tell strangers that you'd rather not have their kid pet your dog.

Some Theories: My suspicion of what happened... it was a restaurant. Possibly the dog was guarding a piece of food on the ground. Another theory, the dog is in a strange place, and the kid got in the dog's face or touched the dog in a way the dog was uncomfortable with. Not all dogs are as comfortable outside the home as they are at home. You have to supervise all interactions between unknown kids and dogs to monitor the body language and interactions.

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