Sunday, September 10, 2017

Can You Shoot A Dog?

"He said the park does require dogs to be leashed. The gunman's dog was not on a leash, while the pit bulls were both on leashes."

"The gunman had been playing in the park with his own dog, which was off-leash, when the owner of the two pit bulls walked by, said Logan Police Capt. Tyson Budge. It was unclear how the fight between the dogs began, Budge said, but the man tried to stop the attack by pulling out a gun and firing a pair of warning shots into the ground, hoping to scare the pit bulls away. Undeterred by the gunfire, the pit bulls apparently continued to attack and the man then shot one of the pit bulls, the captain said."

As a general rule, if your dog is off leash, and the other dog is on leash, if a fight happens, it is going to be your dog's fault. However, we don't know enough about this story to know what the prosecutor is going to do.

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