Thursday, September 14, 2017

Is A Dog The Best Self Protection?

"The lieutenant reminded people to be careful of their surroundings while out walking dogs. He said if you have a permit, carry your gun"

I get frequent inquiries about using dogs for self defense. In this instance, the alleged attackers threatened the dog owner with a gun. There is no dog that can defend against a gun. Even the police are recommending people in his neighborhood, if they have a permit, to carry a gun. These days, dogs are PETS, not for self defense.

Learn to protect YOURSELF. Learn martial arts. Get a gun, and take several professional training courses. Carry a weapon when you are qualified. Install security alarms and cameras. Don’t advertise to criminals that you’d make a good victim. Move to a safer town, don't think you can be Charles Bronson and be a vigilante. Get a better job that pays more money and find a safer life. Stay away from dangerous places and dangerous people, winning is surviving instead of facing off a bad guy and being killed. A dog can’t do any of this for you.

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