Saturday, September 09, 2017

New Stuff

It's been a couple of years since I blogged. It was time to get some new perspective on the dog world, so I could come back with fresh content. It is about growing.

Blogging is difficult work, to do it year after year. Since we last talked a lot has happened!

2013: I founded Citizens Animal Welfare Society (see and "Like" our Facebook page). The idea was to turn Maricopa into a no kill county.
2015: Citizens Animal Welfare Society bid to privatize MCACC, to turn it into an open admission, no kill shelter. See our CAWS Facebook page.
2016: CAWS held its first public meeting in Tempe, AZ
2016: Our bid for takeover was not accepted, however, we did not give up. After meeting with County officials, we were invited to do demonstration projects for the County to show the way towards a new shelter system. CAWS is now a well respected member of the local animal rescue community. Sam Basso is CEO of CAWS, and has an entire team of professionals working to turn Maricopa into a no kill community. You can search the local media to see some of the things we have been involved with. This is still a very active project.
2017: CAWS continues to be an animal rescue leader in the Phoenix metropolitan area. We have numerous projects and initiatives running. Watch our Facebook page for the latest updates.

I have learned a considerable amount about animal rescue, from the bottom to the top. I'll be posting more of this topic.

It is good to be back


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