Thursday, February 23, 2006

More Idiocy From Auburn WA's Dog Breed Ban

So, the morons in Auburn, WA are banning dog breeds...

Check out which dog breeds are on the list:

American Pit Bull Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier
Bull Terrier
Cane Corso
Dogo Argentino
Dogue de Bordeaux
Pit Bull Terrier
Presa Canario
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Tosa Inu

Now, tell me, WHY are all these breeds on the banned list? There has been ongoing controversy over the pit bull terrier... but why all these other breeds, which have NO history of any attacks AT ALL? Can you find dog attack stories on even half of these breeds in the news? No.

I know of an apartment complex that is banning dogs over 50 lbs... and dog breeds they consider "aggressive". Guess what breed is on their list? GREYHOUNHDS!!! Can you believe it? That is just absurd. This is why this stuff has to be fought. These are arbitrary and have no basis in any kind of fact or public safety concern.

I am 100% against breed bans. The problems can all be traced back to people: poor breeding, lack of socialization / neglect, abuse, lack of training, lack of a leash in public areas, poor supervision, poor containment when unsupervised, and gang-organized pit dog fighting operations. Breeding will get better when people know how to pick a good dog. Socialization will get better when people are told they need to take their pups out to meet a lot of people and animals during the critical phase between 8 weeks and 16 weeks of age. Abuse can only be solved by proper enforcement of existing dog laws… and it is tied into drug and alcohol abuse. Training will only help if people will spend the money to hire a professional, instead of being cheapskates and doing it themselves. Leash laws need to be enforced in urban areas, but off leash training areas need to be set aside in parks for dog owners to have the opportunity to work their dogs for control in case their dogs get loose… you can’t expect a dog to obey off leash if you don’t have the ability to practice off leash obedience. Containment requires a proper kennel at home. And it is about time we got serious about busting up the gangs in this country. In LA, they have nearly 1,000 gangs!!! A thousand! How can that be? That city is corrupt, like so many of our cities. We either deal with that, or you’ll never stop the pit fighting blood sport.

This breed ban is another sign that Auburn has a totally incompetent police force, and a totally incompetent government. I've been to Auburn, WA many times. It is a crappy city, ugly, beat up, and mismanaged. Here they are sitting on some of the most prime real estate in Puget Sound, and the place is a wreck. This also shows the complete incompetence of King County, which is run by Ron Sims, The Incompetent. Their animal control division is a mess. Illegal drug operations abound in the southern part of Puget Sound. As I've said over and over again... Washington state is a beautiful place that is being wrecked by politics. Here is another prime example.

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JetCityBlogger said...

Auburn, WA is considered the armpit of South King County, and is a shameful, redneck 'burb of Seattle. It doesn't surprise me that they are trying to ban dangerous breeds. Instead of picking on dogs, they ought to put a ban on the people breeding down there!

This video about Pitbulls puts this breed into perspective. It made me cry! Shame on the imbreds of Auburn, WA for trying to condemn this beautiful dog breed!