Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl Sunday

Today is Superbowl Sunday! Which team do you think will win? Having lived in Seattle for so many years (and now residing in Phoenix as my new home), and knowing Seattle sports… I figure that the Seahawks are going to lose.

Seattle builds some great rookie teams, then, when they are at the precipice of greatness, they choke! It is a confidence thing. You have to see yourself as a winner to be a winner. It is a psychological thing. I know the city like the back of my hand, and I have developed a phrase that sums up the region: What Seattle giveth, Seattle taketh away. It is a boom and bust town; it is torn politically between wacko far Left and rock center conservatism, with the Left in the majority; it is a corrupt town in its own way, even though that isn’t evident to the outsider; it is a town that wants to be great, but doesn’t want to pay the price or do the logical things to be great. And the rain has its own effect on the town, too, which is why it is a tech center… what else do you do when it rains a lot, your job is in jeopardy, and the economy could go bust on you in a year or two? You read, you innovate, you start new businesses, and when you get rich, you either try to run the town or you leave for sunnier places. It is a place where you can love the scenery, but tire of how the wacko Left is ruining the place.

Even so, some individual team members will have proven they are great, the Seattle team can no longer afford to keep them, and next year, the whole team will be up for sale. Remember what happened with the Mariners and Ken Griffey, Jr, and the rest of that team? That’s just the way things work in Seattle. It just isn’t a winner, which is why I had to move. They are always the bride left at the altar.

But, then again, I could be wrong. The Seahawks looked great 2 weeks ago when they completely demoralized the Panthers. And 30 years ago, the Sonics were great for a season or so. My bet is that the Steelers win.

I’m going to a catered party for the game. I was invited by a past customer.

Which made me think about writing all of this…

Have you made preparations for the safety of your dog and your guests during the festivities?

Here are some thoughts:

Dogs and alcohol don’t mix well. Some people over consume during games, and then they will do dangerous things with or to your dog. Put the dog away.

Dogs and kids SHOULD NOT be left unsupervised!!! Read my earlier posts on this topic over the past week. Put the dog away! And give the kids activities to do that don’t involve the dog. If the kids are together… NO CHASE GAMES, NO WRESTLING WITH THE DOG, NO ATTACK GAMES, NO KISSING ON THE FACE OF THE DOG, NO GRABBING THE DOG BY THE TAIL OR FACE, NO HITTING, DON’T FEED THE DOG ANYTHING, DON’T BOTHER THE DOG WHILE IT IS SLEEPING OR PLAYING WITH A CHEW TOY OR EATING, AND DON’T PLAY WITH THE DOG IF AN ADULT ISN’T PRESENT.

Some snacks are poisonous to your dog, such as raisins, grapes, and anything chocolate. And some snacks are dangerous, such as anything with bones (like hot wings). Bones can choke and kill your dog.

If guests bring their dogs, too… make sure the dogs are getting along. Not all dogs get along and you don’t want a dog fight. Have each dog dragging a 2 foot leash so you can pull them apart if a fight ensues. Take off all metal collars and have the leashes attached to nylon buckle collars. Strange dogs (dogs that don’t live together) should not be left to play unsupervised.

Watch the front door, with guests coming and going. Your dog could run out and get hit by a car. Have your dog dragging a leash during the party so you can step on it if the dog tries to scoot out the door. Make sure your dog is wearing a buckle collar with identifying tags, in case your dog runs away.

Warn guests concerning your dog and your rules for your dog. YOU should do any correcting, not the guests. They will do it wrong, and might even provoke a biting incident.

Exercise your dog before the game with a good long walk or game of fetch. A tired dog is going to be much less hassle during the game. Similarly, you might want to put up some baby gates to keep the dog in a certain room during the game to prevent escape.

Your dog still needs to potty today! Who is going to be minding the dog to make sure the dog gets outside to poop and pee?

I’m sure there is more… but that’s enough for now.

Enjoy the game!

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