Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Police Dog Runs Away

Bart, the 4-year-old German shepherd who not only works but lives with Chicago Police Officer David Dorken, had been missing for the better part of Monday.

The dog disappeared from the 8300 block of South Pulaski where he was taking a bathroom and exercise break in his handler's backyard, said Chicago Police Sgt. Lisa Mueller, the canine training supervisor, early Monday night.

"It's just like having your own personal dog," Mueller said. "He goes to work with him and he goes home with him. So not only are the handler and his wife heartbroken, but so are their kids."

It's unclear how Bart, trained to find people and detect drugs and other evidence, got out of the yard, but there was no evidence he had been stolen, Mueller said.

When the authorities find such a dog, it is always implied what idiots the owners were. I keep bringing up these types of articles to show you that this stuff even happens to the police. The next question will be: what will they do when they find the dog? Will they shoot the dog and charge the officer with a crime if the dog either growls at someone or bites them? Probably not. Will they consider the dog vicious if it doesn’t want to be cornered by strangers? Probably not. But, if it was YOUR dog, then the story would be different. You’d be charged with a crime.

Something to think about…

Take the speck out of your own eye before you try to take the beam out of your brother’s eye, huh?

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