Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Year Of The Dog Tragedy

A TOTAL of 510 people were hurt by pet dogs in Tianjin during the just-concluded Spring Festival when they teased the animals to make them bark, believing the sound "woof-woof" would bring wealth and food fortune in the new year

Instead it brought them pain and wounds for abusing "man's best friend" in the north China port city. Three rabies cases were reported in Tianjin late last year.

Chinese people like the barking sound because "woof-woof" resembles the pronunciation of Chinese character "Wang," which means prosperity.

The number of people hurt by dogs from January 29 to February 5, the holiday period, was over 100 more than during the previous lunar New Year period, said the Tianjin Municipal Disease Control Center.

Doctors said some people were bitten by pet dogs raised by their friends and relatives because they are not familiar with the animals.

Others teased pet dogs raised by their friends and relatives just to hear them bark, but they were attacked.

Loyal and obedient, dogs are also thought to be able to bring fortune. As a Chinese saying goes, "Cats come with poverty, while dogs with property."

Experts with the Tianjin disease control center warned citizens to be cautious when playing with the pet dogs to prevent injuries.


I knew there were going to be lots of problems as a result of the Year Of The Dog. People are getting dogs for superstitious reasons, instead of getting a dog as a pet. When the fad wears off, these dogs are going to be abandoned, and a tragedy of major proportions will be set off.

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