Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Who Is Watching Your Dog?

Here are two examples of the same problem… leaving your dog with someone else…

First, there is the Governor of Washington State:

Gov. Christine Gregoire's tiny dog Franz, a "first dog" so popular with schoolchildren and state capital visitors that he had his own Web page, wine label and trading cards, died Monday after he was hit by a car.

Franz, a powder puff of a Pomeranian who was a Valentine's Day gift 10 years ago from Christine and Mike Gregoire to their daughters, darted in front of a car and was struck.

The pet was rushed to the vet, but could not be saved, Gregoire spokeswoman Holly Armstrong said. The pet was in the care of unidentified Gregoire family friends at their home in Olympia while the first family was in Michigan for the Super Bowl.

Then, one of my favorite musicians:

B.B. King's dog, Lucille, has disappeared, and the legendary bluesman is offering an autographed copy of one of his signature "Lucille" guitars in an effort to get her back.

The 2-year-old white female Maltese, named after King's signature guitar, went missing about 10 days ago in West Hollywood while she was under the care of his co-manager, Matthew Lieberman.

"We're not sure how she got out of the yard, perhaps a gate was ajar," Lieberman said in a statement Monday.

For some dogs, it is better to have them stay at a professional kennel than with friends. Friends just won’t be as aware or diligent with your pet as they need to be. They won’t realize the dog is an escape artist, and they just won’t be as vigilant, or have the same level of containment in their yard, as you would at home. This isn’t always true, but with some dogs, and some pet sitters, it is.

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