Sunday, June 17, 2007

Consider Training

I was hired to do a Manners lesson last night. The dog was a nice dog, but had been allowed to become a brat, and the owners had gotten into a power struggle with the dog. The dog was starting to bite them, they were using too much force on the dog, and they didn't know anything about dog training. They were at the point of turning the dog over to a shelter. I spent about 90 minutes with them, showing them how to work with their dog properly, and gave them specific homework for each behavioral problem they were encountering. By the end of the lesson, the dog was relaxed, not doing all the goofy things it did at the beginning of the lesson, and the owners could see with their own eyes that their dog could be a good dog. I also recommended that they join one of my obedience classes so they could better learn how to relate to a dog. They were well meaning people, but left out the most important thing: they failed to work with a dog trainer long before these problems developed. All is not lost now, however. If they do the homework I suggested, this dog will work out well in their home.

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