Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dog DNA To Be Used To Identify Dogs In Bite Cases

IN what is claimed as a world first, a local council will use DNA testing to help bring canine offenders to heel. Melbourne's City of Port Phillip will issue DNA test kits to animal management officers as part of a three-month trial to see if advanced technology can help pinpoint dogs responsible for attacks on people and other animals. The officers will take samples of saliva, blood, hair or faeces left at the scene of an attack for later cross-matching against DNA obtained from dogs suspected of being responsible.

Big deal. The more important issue is when is it legitimate for a dog to bite a person? Some bites are unjustified. However, in some cases, bites are justified. I have no problem with dogs and owners being held to account for unjustified bites. I do have a problem with laws that don't take into consideration that sometimes a bite is justified.

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