Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Role Of Animal Control

Animal Control is supposed to be about public safety. Animal Control is a police agency. It is not supposed to be the proving ground for every wacko animal rights cause.

A New Jersey man paid $10,000 in cash yesterday to have his beloved mastiff released from a Brooklyn pound while he and dogged city lawyers continue their fight over whether the pooch should be neutered. The $10,000 he forked over will be held in escrow until the fall, when an appellate court will rule on the city's appeal of a Brooklyn judge's decision that a city law requiring stray animals to be neutered does not apply to Spartacus. The mastiff escaped from Georgoutsos' truck on May 28 when the vehicle was broken into in Queens while he was visiting friends. He also was told that a city law requires that stray animals be spayed or neutered before being released from shelters. On June 15, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Arthur Schack sided with Georgoutsos, declaring the City Council had not intended the law to apply to cases like this one. But Spartacus stayed where he was because the city appealed, arguing that the dog was picked up wandering city streets and thus fell under the law's provisions.

So, someone breaks into your home or car and lets your dog loose. It is not your fault. Then, when your dog, shot with 5 tranquilizer darts (which are quite painful and cause injury to the dog), is picked up by Animal Control, the authorities decide that your dog must be spayed or neutered because the dog is a "stray"? And then they fight you in court about it!

Don't think this could happen to you? Think again. Animal Control in many cities have been abusing their powers more and more lately. It is time to start fighting back. Talk to your legislators, contact the pro-dog organizations listed in this sidebar, and do something about it!

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