Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dogs Are Not Playmates

“The grandmother said the teen was on the trampoline and could not get off because the dog was still trying to get him. Animal Control arrived and was able to subdue the dog,” he said.

“The teen told officers that he was playing with the dog when he decided to go inside the residence,” said Mitchell. “He ran toward the residence toward the back door when suddenly he was bitten on the leg by the dog and knocked to the ground. He had tried to get the dog off but that’s when the dog bit him on the head. He was finally able to break free but had to get on top of the trampoline where the dog couldn’t get to him.”

People just don't get the idea that dogs are not playmates. Dogs are dogs, and for some, if you treat them like playmates, you lose your authority with them and they will try to control you by force. There are ways to play with and enjoy dogs properly, and there are things that will get you in a heap of trouble with some dogs. I think the latter was going on here. Too bad the kid was bitten and too bad the dog will be put to death. That's why you should work with a dog trainer with every new dog you get. You'd be amazed at what stuff I see people do with their dogs that is unwise.

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