Friday, May 23, 2008

How Goofy Are You?

Want to know how goofy people are?

I received a recent inquiry from someone wanting to know if their dog was vicious. Their dog bit them after they hit their dog. Duh. It's an ANIMAL. It's not going to let you just hurt it and take it.

Then I get the people coming to my blog trying to find pit fighting dogs. Unfortunately, my blog doesn't encourage barbarism, and I hope they get a good slap upside the head when they find out I hate dog fighting, and think those that do it are morons.

Or the people who are too cheap to go to the vet, so they are surfing the internet for answers instead. Some stuff you need a doctor. Got it? You can't wait. You can't treat it yourself. Your dog is suffering or dying. Get to the vet NOW!

Or the lazy, but well meaning, people that believe all the hype some dog trainers tell them, without getting references to check out the claims. There are abusive trainers out there. I know of a couple of liars and nutcases that I wish would just go out of business today. There are so-called trainers out there that will fry dogs with electric collars. But, it's not my job to go after them. Let the law do it. Let the media do it. Let them hang themselves. I know this: what comes around, goes around. I have a number of past customers who have told me stories that I won't print here about trainers that charged them huge fees and got nothing meaningful in return. I know of one customer who spent $3,000 to have her dogs house trained. The trainer came for 2 hours and left them with a pamphet. It didn't work. Check out what I charge to house train your dog. Any trainer that claims they can give a complete and permanent solution to any and every dog problem, and train any dog to do anything, without you doing anything, is a liar. And any person who hires such a liar will come to regret what happens to their dog. Why, there are guys out there that will claim they can protection train any dog. Sorry, if it was that easy, then the police wouldn't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to obtain specially bred dogs.

And on and on.

Common sense isn't so common, I guess.

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kcdogblog said...

The trainer thing is really annoying. We had some people surrender a dog to our group a few months back. The dog had some behavior issues stemming from a long lawsuit where it was supposedly a banned breed of dog and wasn't. Anyway, the dog spent 8 months in the shelter during the lawsuite and developed some bad habits. The owners took the dog to a trainer and the trainer told them it would take "4-6 months of extensive training" to correct the problem. So the people surrender the dog.

Within two weeks, the wife and I had this dog in pretty good shape. Within a month, it was ready to go into a home with no problems. (it's quite amazing what several good long walks and a few treats will do). I'm not a certified trainer, but I'm also not an idiot. Shame on this 'trainer' for saying it would be 6 months rehabilitation.

We had some other friends that were trying to deal with a dog with some aggression issues. They hired a "trainer" that they worked with for an entire day (at a hefty fee) that did nothing to help this dog. The trainer was 100% focused on positive reinforcement training and wouldn't correct the bad behavior in the dog. I'm a fan of positive reinforcement, but you can't let horrible behavior go uncorrected either.

I continue to be amazed at how many people call themselves trainers out there that are completely useless.