Sunday, May 11, 2008

OH, Canada! What Is Wrong With You?!

The Supreme Court of Canada on Friday ruled that random drug searches using police sniffer dogs are unlawful, citing constitutional protections from unreasonable search and seizure... a man was arrested at a Calgary bus depot in January 2002 by officers on the lookout for drug couriers after a black labrador named Chevy sniffed drugs in his luggage. A subsequent search of the man, who was approached at first because he stared suspiciously at police, found 17 ounces (482 grams) of cocaine in his bag and a small amount of heroine in his pocket. "The sniff in this case was an unreasonable search since the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) officer did not have grounds for reasonable suspicion at the time the dog was called."

Great. So, I assume, if the dog smelled bomb material instead of cocaine, and the man was at an airport instead of at the bus station, then the Canadian Supreme Court would have let the man onto the plane, let him blow himself up, and let possibly thousands of people die.

We are in a period not unlike that prior to WW II, where the people let themselves be led by pacifists in order to avoid the reality of the fact that the world was heading towards catastrophe. Leftists leaders have led nations like Canada into a moral paralysis not unlike what the world saw in the 1930's. People have forgotten history, and are therefore, doomed to repeat it. Look at the ignorant statements of Barack Obama, saying the US should talk to its enemies, in the same manner as FDR, Truman, and Kennedy did. HUH? Did FDR negotiate with Hitler? Did they sit down and have tea together to discuss how best to roast Jews in the Nazi ovens? Hmm... let's see. Nope. FDR went to war against those fanatics and sent 5 million of those arrogant, vicious, preening, goose stepping cultists to death. It was the only way. Didn't Truman drop 2 nuclear weapons on Japan because there was no way to negotiate with the fanatics in power there? Didn't Kennedy take the world to the brink of nuclear war during the Cuban Missile crisis? None of these three were pacifists, and none of them disarmed the Western world when facing down ruthless enemies. We are toying with the ideas of the past that led to calamity because we don't want to face the fact that this is a dangerous world.

If a police officer can identify something illegal going on in a public place using a dog, then the police officer should act. You don't have a reasonable right of privacy everywhere you go. In this case, it happened to be drugs that the dog smelled. Drugs are serious business. They KILL people. Ever read about what meth does to people's lives sometime? Or cocaine? It's not a game. It isn't like drinking a beer while you are barbecuing some hamburgers for the family picnic. And what if next time it was a bomb or a chemical weapon? Then whose civil rights are more important to everyone? The rights of the fanatic or the rights of the thousands of people the fanatic is intending on killing?

And so what if this is Canada, some might say. Let them do what they want there and we'll do what we want here. That's all fine and dandy until a group of these nutcases board planes in Canada and sets off bombs simultaneously in some other country and kills thousands of people. Don't think that is a reality? This same scenario was stopped last year, only the fanatics involved were going to come flying in from Europe into the US.

This ruling should be reversed by the Canadian legislature, and those judges should be chucked out of office, leaving with the same shame that will forever be attached to Neville Chamberlain. Good people should not sit idly by and let evil have it's way.

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