Monday, May 12, 2008

Pet Insurance

Mike Pickard, head of pet insurance at esure, which commissioned the research, said: "Today's household pets are treated more like members of the family and this new attitude is reflected in the amount owners spend on their pet's lifestyle. "Despite this, many pets remain uninsured. Vets' fees can be very expensive and owners should bear in mind that, ultimately, their pet's health is more important than the latest dog accessories or expensive treats."

I used to be a skeptic of pet insurance, but no longer. I'm going to buy it for my next dog. I used to think that dogs were pretty healthy. Many people think that mixed bred dogs are healthier than purebred dogs. Wrong. Sorry. I've watched my customers have to spend just as much on their mutts as their prized show dogs. There is no documented study, to my knowledge, that proves that mutts are any healthier than pure breds. Thus, I'm sure this is another urban legend promoted by the animal rights wackos to destroy dog breeders.

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