Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Adding A New Dog To Your "Family"

There are ways for a man to evaluate a wife when deciding whether to marry. There is a lot to consider, not just physical attraction, or mutual interests, but the entire character and makeup of the person. If you make the wrong choice in picking a spouse, you'll pay for it for a very long time.

I thought of this topic today after considering the murder story of Jasmine Fiore by Ryan Jenkins. These two people were heading for a train wreck, if you look at what the accounts say of their personal lives. Maybe no one could have ever anticipated that murder / suicide would be the end result, but I see nothing in this story to indicate that either one was a person of good character.

I wrote an article, called "Buying A Dog / Choosing A Breeder", because I saw so many people adding the wrong dog to their families, and ending up with a lot of problems, and sometimes tragedy. You have to view adding a new dog to the family the same as if you were adding a new person to your family... and be just as picky. Getting a cute puppy from the window of the local pet store, or from some guy in a parking lot, is a formula for a lot of heartache. Now, of course, people aren't dogs and dogs aren't people... [though some men act like dogs, and some women act like bitches...] but when getting a dog, you ARE getting a new family member, and you should be very thoughtful about what you are about to do. Better to stay "single" (don't get a dog) than to get "married" (get a dog) to the wrong one.

A lot of people are too careless as to who they let be a part of their inner circle. Look, I can speak from personal experience. Been married and divorced before. And gotten the wrong dog for my home before. And I've learned some hard lessons along the way, and I'm passing this along to you so you don't experience the heartaches that I've experienced. When it comes to dogs, I find many people are too careless when getting a dog, not considering that a dog will pretty much be a part of their family and could cause them just as much trouble. If you don't get the right dog for your situation, then your dog could even hurt someone else. In fact, here's a story which says a dog got loose, attacked an elderly woman, the woman died, and now the owners could be charged with a crime that could land them in prison.

So, think carefully when choosing a new family member... human or dog. There's a lot more to it than just how you "feel" about them.

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