Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dog Flu Vaccine?

Veterinarians are recommending a new vaccine for dog flu (H3N8). The vaccine is a series of two shots, two weeks apart, followed by a yearly booster. Statistics reveal about 80 percent of dogs that come in contact with the H3N8 virus will get sick, but only 10 to 20 percent will get seriously ill.

Hmmm... not sure how I feel about this new vaccine. On the one hand, no one wants their dog to get sick and die from dog flu. On the other hand, new vaccines can have unintended consequences. I had a customer who gave their dog the rattlesnake vaccine and the dog had an adverse reaction. I'd be asking a lot of questions before I agreed to have my dog vaccinated. I'd then weigh the risks vs. the benefits and make a reasoned decision.

If you have experience with this new vaccine, I'd appreciate your feedback.

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