Saturday, August 01, 2009

Are you a TWIT?

WE'VE had WAGS, yuppies and metrosexuals; now meet our newest social phenomenon, TWITs. The TWITs are "Teenage Women In Their Thirties". Just like men with Peter Pan-syndrome who are not ready to grow up, TWITs are putting serious relationships and parenthood on hold, instead choosing to continue partying and enjoying the freedoms they discovered in their teens.

Isn't that pathetic? Another result of the "Me Generation". Let's call them what they are: selfish flakes. At one time we valued virtue, honor, maturity, hard work, being responsible, and so forth. Now, we see this phenomenon where it is OK to be a loser. Your behaviors AREN'T special and wonderful when you accept being a quitter, irresponsible, lazy, have an inflated self worth based on nothing, and thinking you are entitled to anything good in life. The real world is a meritocracy.

I've met women who were Twits, who were also raising their daughters to be Twits. And they are all a mess. And woe to the men who get involved with Twits, because they will be left holding the bag for this woman's problems. The excuse given by Twits is "If I found the right man I would settle down and have kids, but I am not going to sit around at home waiting." Yeah, right. If you weren't responsible before the guy met you, then you aren't going to be that after you are married and have kids. You'll still choose to be a flake because you don't have your values in the right place. What character trait do you feel it is OK to eliminate in a friend, spouse, wife, girlfriend, or daughter? What character traits do you feel are unnecessary to a successful life? Honesty, faithfulness, diligence, perseverance, courage, ability to be a team player, ability to be a leader, loving, responsibility, self respect, honor, resilience, etc.? Why would someone willingly sabotage their lives by reverting to acting like a child when they are an adult?

If you were a TWIT, and in a moment of reflection, asked me what I'd recommend, I'd say to you that I expect better of you, that you are better than this, and that this kind of selfish lifestyle leads to a very unhappy life.

A good life is made, not handed to you. It requires a solid work ethic, which takes years and years to hone and develop.

Flaky people abound in this modern world. In the old days, you couldn't be a flake because it was survival of the fittest. You either worked and made a life or you starved out.

How does this relate to dog ownership? It relates because flakes shouldn't get a dog or be made responsible over a dog. I wouldn't sell or give a dog to a flake. And I wouldn't let a flake take care of my dog. And I wouldn't marry someone who was a flake if I had a dog, because those selfish desires would not only ultimately tank the relationship, the dog might then end up with no home once the divorce was over and the money had been all consumed fulfilling the selfish desires of this Twit.

There are good and responsible women out there. Women of character. Let's hold these women in high esteem, because they've earned it. Character is the will in action. Good character takes continuous effort and is a choice to be responsible. Bad character takes no effort at all, and is a choice to be irresponsible.

Just my humble opinion.

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