Sunday, August 02, 2009

LUA Dalmatians

They make wonderful pets and firm friends but sadly, for many dalmatians, their medical records are somewhat spotty. Around a quarter of the beloved animals - or 25.25 in every 101 - will suffer serious health problems during their lives, leaving them in agonising pain and facing an early death. Now, with a little bit of cross-breeding, a healthy 'new' dalmatian, free from the defective gene that causes high levels of uric acid in their blood, has been created.

This is terrific. The breeders have created a "low uric acid" Dalmatian (LUA). This is what we SHOULD be doing about all the genetic problems that crop up over time when breeding dogs, instead of just medicating them with drugs and special diets and allowing generation after generation of dogs and dog owners to suffer. Many of the vet bills we pay for dogs could be eliminated if the breeders were allowed to do their jobs... meaning, having the ability to remove the genes that cause the genetic problems. There needs to be a change in mentality by the breed clubs. It is INHUMANE to continue to breed dogs, decade after decade, that you KNOW have genetic problems.

For example, blindness is a serious problem with Collies. Heart problems are rampant in the Dobermans. Why not selectively breed these dogs to eliminate these health problems?

AS a side note: In the 1950's, the Bull Terrier breeders decided they didn't want to have to crop the ears of their dogs. So, the breed club got together and decided to selectively breed for a triangular ear. We now are banning tail docking and ear cropping for a number of breeds, such as Dobermans and Rottweilers. Why not selectively breed for the trait you want?

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