Friday, October 28, 2005

Dog Bites

Dog bite situations are more complicated than we are led to believe by the dog haters and the media.

Here are a couple of videos of dog bites…

Don’t Handle Dogs You Don’t Know

This one is the result of getting in a dog’s face, when you don’t know the dog. People do dumb stuff like this all the time. I had a lady run up to my dog a few years ago, grabbed him by the muzzle and kissed him on the lips! She came up from behind me and was on him before I could do anything. Fortunately, nothing happened. She loved dogs, and my dog reminded her of a dog she used to have… still her face could have been ripped off.

Watch this video, look at the dog’s body language (any dog person could have seen this coming if they had been watching what was going on), watch the handler (who isn’t seeing the events… which is why you have to be doubly diligent in your supervision when around crowds), and watch the idiot who closes in on this dog. This was a PROVOKED attack, in my opinion. I don’t blame the dog. This was a police service dog… why would such a dog be expected to tolerate a stranger coming in that close and over the top of him?

Police Dogs Training For Terrorists and Criminals

Here is an excellent video of the training and deployment of police/ military service dogs. I am a big service dog supporter, and advocate the use of police and military dogs to fight criminals and terrorists. These dogs are amazing. Watch the intensity and courage of these dogs.

If you ban the breeding and training of aggressive dogs, then where will the police get the dogs to protect us? Police dogs are bred by private breeders. By banning the breeding of protection dogs, you then can’t apprehend criminals and terrorists like this. The idea here is to get the outlaws, not outlaw the dogs!

If your kid was being held hostage, or your husband had to fight these criminals, would you want to deprive the police from using service dogs? Not me!

Many dog bites are justified. Got it now?

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