Saturday, October 22, 2005

Felons Banned From Owning Big Dogs

Convicted felons would be barred from owning aggressive dogs or those weighing more than 20 pounds under legislation Contra Costa County supervisors will consider Tuesday.

This is the best way to go after criminals who use dogs to commit crimes. For years, cities have been trying to ban pit bulls, Rottweilers and other breeds to get at their crime problems. It has gotten so bad, that Denver banned all pit bulls, and sends the police to peoples homes to seize innocent dogs so Denver can put them to death. Breed bans like this are outrageous. Even worse, once one breed is on the list, these gutless politicians keep adding breeds. In Italy, they have banned over 92 breeds of dog. This is why people call breed bans a kind of Dog Holocaust. People are blaming dogs for the actions of criminals.

Criminals use dogs to protect their drug dealing operations. By banning these thugs from owning large dogs, the police will have new tools for arresting these jerks, and in the process prevent many dog mauling incidents. This will also be useful in breaking up dog fighting/ gambling operations. And this kind of law can be used to go after animal abusers.

I don't necessarily support all the provisions of this proposed legislation, but these folks are on the right track. Sometimes in politics, you can get your main objectives, but some legislators will tack on a few less desirable provisions. That's life.

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