Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Press

I was interviewed this morning by a Philadelphia newspaper reporter regarding Clicker Training.

Someone has written a new book, and he wanted a counterpoint argument for the article.

I do believe in working with the media. There are risks, but there are also benefits. You just have to be careful to be precise in what you say, and to not harm others. I make it a policy to not slam other people in an interview, or if I am doing the interview.

I will fight hard against ideas, but I go out of my way to not get in strife with people.

So, I discussed the theories of Classical and Operant Conditioning, but I said nothing to slam or harm this book writer or this reporter.

Be sure when discussing dog politics to win through rational arguments, yet avoid slamming people.

I do think it fair to criticize fanatics, if they are public figures or organizations, however. These people have entered into the public debate, and then their character sometimes does figure into the debate. Some people need to be discredited. Just make sure to have solid arguments that you can back up with logic and facts... and don't go beyond your expertise. Your ego will be your downfall, if you let it rule your press relations.

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