Monday, October 31, 2005

Fight or Flight? YOU Decide!

If someone forcibly breaks into your home or car, should the law require that you turn your back and run away? If you don’t try to run away, then if you fight back, by shooting a gun, then YOU go to jail.

Well, that’s the law in many (most?) US states. Can you imagine being forced to flee an assailant? Is running away always the best way to deal with a threat? In a split second, you could be making a decision that could end your life.

You should have a choice, not be forced into flight. It doesn’t work that way in the animal kingdom. The option is FLIGHT or FIGHT… not just flight.

If I was a bad guy, and I knew you had to flee, then I could set you up to do just that… and be sure to kill you.

I like the Florida Castle Doctrine…

If someone forcibly breaks into your home or car, you can assume they mean you great bodily harm or death…

You can stand your ground and fight back…

And if the bad guy gets hurt, he can’t sue you in court, and you won’t go to jail.

Shouldn’t dog bite laws work the same way as the Florida Castle Doctrine? I think so. Dog owners have been SUED SUCCESSFULLY by criminals who forcibly broke into their homes, the dogs attacked, the criminals were injured... and they sued the owners for use of "excessive force"... and won! (Is this world messed up or what?)

Are you starting to see why gun laws and dog laws have so much in common?

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