Monday, October 31, 2005

Rome Bans Fishbowls

Here’s a great example of what can happen if you let the animal rights nutcases any significant political power… banning goldfish bowls and making dog walks mandatory.

These laws are enacted to gum up your rights to own a pet, not for any legitimate animal welfare purposes.

I’ve had plenty of elderly customers who weren’t fit enough to take their dogs for a walk every day. They had pooches that didn’t need that kind of thing in order to be healthy or well adjusted. The dogs were fit and happy, and got other forms of exercise every day playing with toys and running around in the back yard.

Either we organize and start fighting back, or this garbage will end up on our shores.

Many liberal thinkers in the US believe we should mimic what they do in Europe. This kind of animal rights nonsense will affect us in a serious way if we don’t stomp on it now. Laws like PAWS are just the sort of thing that we should be opposing.

There are reasons why the settlers left Europe 500 years ago, fought against their imperial oppressors, wrote the Constitution, and formed the United States of America. There is also a reason why Europe is in decline, and why the smart, ambitious young professionals are coming here. Euro-socialism is a failure.

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