Saturday, February 11, 2006

Animal Rights Victims

Next time those animal rights wackos start arguing about pet ownership, have them explain THIS!!!

These animal rights wackos are under indictment for killing and dumping many helpless dogs from shelters.

By the way, I never mention the name of these wacko organizations, or link to them, because, to do so, increases their visibility throughout the internet. Search engines look for key word phrases, so why should I waste my money, and harm dogs, by giving them more exposure, which they can then use to raise more money and recruit more wackos to their causes?

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Steve said...

The part that upsets me the most is that PETA markets itself as a group dedicated to helping animals, and uses this image to fetch millions in private donations.

Do the people donating this money realize that PETA is actually using it to end the lives of healthy and perfectly adoptable puppies and kittens?