Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dog Problem Or Drug Problem?

A woman is going to be arrested for owning a pit bull because the dog killed her granddaughter.

The story doesn't explain the circumstances of the attack, and it is highly possible that the owner was negligent in managing the dog. But, was this really evidence of pit bulls being dangerous, or evidence that some people shouldn't own a dog.

Here's the clue: Her grandmother, Jacqueline Simpson, who suffered injuries to her arms as she tried to wrench the dog away, was also charged with possession of class A drug diamorphine.

Well, I don't have drugs like that in my medicine cabinet, do you? Diamorphine is another name for HEROIN. Drug dealers will get pit bulls, abuse them to make them vicious, and use them to protect their drug operations. Then, some of these dogs get loose and attack. Pit bulls are generally very friendly dogs. Funny how the drug dealers always have the nasty ones. Wonder how that comes to be, hmmm? I don't know how this woman got these drugs, or if she's a user or dealer, but all the warning bells are going off right now.

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