Monday, April 30, 2007

Taking The Law Into Your Own Hands

The owners of a mixed-breed doberman named "Brownie" are distressed that a man allegedly killed the animal on Thursday afternoon with his bare hands after saying that it had bitten his daughter. Singh said the incident occurred after a group of schoolchildren pelted the dog in the yard as they were returning home from school at 2:30 pm. The man said he is not sure if the dog indeed bit the girl.

How awful. The kids who harassed the dog should be charged with some kind of violation and the parents held to account. The kid who was bitten, if s/he did the harassment should be spanked. And the man who beat the dog to death should go to jail, and be made to enter some kind of anger management program. But, we all know none of that will happen... the kids will not be corrected, the owner not compensated, the man will get off with a small fine and a warning.

If this story is accurate, then this was a provoked dog biting incident. The dog wasn't at fault.

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