Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Some Dog Bites Are Justified

A woman -- who was allegedly trespassing outside a Lancaster house on Monday night -- was injured after the homeowner's dog bit her.

Tough luck. You enter someone's property illegally, then the dog should have the right to chase you off and bite you. Not all dog bites are bad things. This is a perfect example of why it should be OK to own a protective dog, of any breed. In fact, this homeowner felt threatened enough that he fired his gun at the intruder. But, instead of bullets, teeth got her. What business did this person have being in this man's back yard at 11 pm?

By the way, the police weren't there at the time of the intrusion, were they? Sometimes you have to take your own safety into your own hands. This is what the right of self defense should be all about.

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