Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Silly Dog Training Advice

Trying to teach your dog some manners?Try getting him to learn one magic command instead: Sit. After house training, "sit" may be the most important thing you can teach your dog. Once your dog learns that sitting earns him a treat, you hold the cure to many problems, dog trainers say.

I see a lot of dogs. And every one of them will Sit for a treat. And they still have behavioral problems. This kind of advice is just embarrassing. This kind of program won't fix biting, destructive chewing, running out the front door, incessant barking, dog fighting or any number of other unmannerly behaviors. It also doesn't put enough responsibility on the owners for their lack of effort.

I suspect this article was written to give some publicity to someone. In my opinion, it wasn't well researched and the ideas in the article weren't given the same going over that a regular reporter would do when compiling any other type of investigative or informative article. So, in the end, these types of stories cause more harm than good, because they just keep people doing all the same, silly, do-it-yourself, cheapskate things they have been doing. The dogs are still unmannerly and more dogs pile up in shelters as a result.

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