Monday, April 30, 2007

Rent A Dog?

A rent-a-dog service that offers "flexible pet ownership" is catering to canine lovers who can't commit to full-time puppy love.

I have a big problem with this. Would you let a stranger walk off with your dog? Unless I knew someone personally, I would never let them manage my dog. Even at the doggie daycare, Paws To Play, where I am Head Trainer, they carefully screen applicants to work there. We hear stories all the time where an owner let a friend babysit their dog, and the dog got out the door and was hit by a car, or the dog came back traumatized by something goofy the friend did to the dog.

I would never use a service like this, and I would never operate a service like this. If a person isn't at a stage in life where they can own a dog, then they should wait until they can. Dogs are just too vulnerable when you aren't there to watch.

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