Friday, February 17, 2012

How Do You Kill A Dog And Not Get Caught? You Don't

If you're searching the internet for ways to kill a dog and not get caught, it is important to realize that you are looking into how to commit a crime, or you are trying to find out who killed your dog.

I'm always amazed at the skills of trained police detectives. People think they have committed the perfect crime, and the police still get the person and they go to prison. The ways of finding you are endless. Just by doing a search like this on the internet, they now have your IP Address, and all it would take is a search of your internet provider's database (and yes, they keep permanent records), and you are now implicated in the crime. Yes, THE SEARCH YOU MADE HAS NOW BEEN RECORDED BY YOUR INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER... and with the anti-terror laws on the books, you are now in a database that can and will be accessed by the police.

So, if you're the one thinking of killing a dog... you just left damning evidence that can't be erased. You are already one step closer to being in prison. I have only two suggestions: 

1. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. There are other ways of legally dealing with a dog problem. If the owner is breaking the law, then use legal means to deal with the situation. That is what the law is for. If what they are doing doesn't break any rule or law, then it isn't your business. Move on. No one likes a busybody. And this can be turned back on you, because now you are in the database and anyone that finds you did this kind of search can blackmail you. 

2. IF YOU DO DECIDE TO KILL THE DOG... then prepare to go to prison. Dog laws get tougher every year, and more people are being locked up than ever before. They WILL get you. You are willfully doing something wrong, and no one is going to be merciful when it all comes out in the local newspaper. By the way, did you know that over 85% of all marriages end after someone is convicted of a crime? And you'll lose custody of your kids. You'll lose your home and all your wealth. You'll lose your freedom. You'll not get a decent job again for the rest of your life. And I hope you like what happens in prison when you bend over to pick up the soap you dropped in the shower.

If you suspect someone has killed your dog, then go to the police. Don't just file a report, press for an investigation, let your neighbors know, put up fliers, ask everyone what they saw that day or the days leading up to the incident. If you know you have a neighbor that hates your dog, then put up surveillance cameras. Heck, you could even buy those wildlife cameras that they attach to trees which have motion detectors, post them around your place, and catch them in the act. 

Also, don't forget these kinds of things are often premeditated. People search the internet for ideas on how to commit these types of crimes. Get the internet search records for your neighborhood. Tell the police to get a search warrant and find the criminal that did it. 

Any good detective can find someone if they are motivated enough. You can make sure the person that injured or killed your dog is found, prosecuted, sent to prison, and then has penalties that follow them the rest of their lives. You can make their lives a living hell.

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